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With no foals for the ACE assessment this year, we decided to present our fabulous Rosewater Driving Miss Daisy (imp) for entry into both the ACE Studbook and Westphalian studbook. We were very pleased with the results, with Daisy being awarded ELITE Studbook mare and winning the overall HIGHEST SCORING ACE PERFORMANCE PONY STUDBOOK ENTERED MARE with a total score of 80.5%. Her score for movement was 83.5%! Another fantastic achievement for this wonderful mare.

January 2016

We are very excited to announce two positive pregnancies due this coming season. The first is Hesselteich's Gwendolin (imp) in foal to Cheval de Luxe (imp). This will be Gwen's third foal and Chevy's first 100% GRP born in Australia. Chevy is now out competing Advanced dressage and achieving fantastic scores, and Gwen's 2014 filly achieved the highest Westphalian score on the Australian tour, so very excited to see what this cross produces.

The second is TF Creme dela Creme by Cheval de Luxe, she has tested positive in foal to Black Charming WE (imp). I am very happy with the three foals I already have on the ground by him, I'm sure this one will be of equal quality. Their temperaments are faultless, fantastic conformation and powerful correct movement. The cross with Cheval de Luxe should be quite fabulous!


Pictured above Cheval de Luxe sire of TF Creme dela Creme and sire of Gwendolin's 2016 foal.

Pictured lef Black Charming WE sire of TF Creme dela Creme's 2016 foal

November 2015

It was a sad day on the 12/11/2015 when we lost our beautiful filly TF Novia, aka Nicket. A horrific paddock accident, we do so much to protect our babies and yet the unthinkable can still happen. Such a beautiful filly, she will be sadly missed.


On a much happier note we took Rare Diamond B to her first dressage competition on the 29/11/2015. We went with a very open mind as to whether we would actually put her in the arena as her lead up to the comp was far from ideal. Her work schedule was interrupted by my work and Shaelyn has been concentrating on her partnership with Miss Daisy. So with as little as 5 or 6 rides in the 3 weeks leading up to the comp, we held our breath and in she went. Shaelyn did an amazing job of piloting Dee and keeping her calm and gave her a fantastic first experience. So now we will buckle down and give her the attention she deserves and hope that we can qualify her to the Young Rider Championships in April. Photos of her big day are on her page.

January 2015

We had an exciting day on Wednesday 29/1/2015 with the lovely people from ACE assessing all the foals. They had some lovely things to say about the babies and confirmed my beliefs that they are all quality foals.

The best foal of the day was the highest scoring ACE foal in Victoria on 84% Elite, TF No Doubt has definitely lived up to her name.

Another highlight was Shaelyn's foal PP Shutter Speed scoring 79% Premium.

So all up we were awarded 3 elite and 2 premium foals, for a total list of their scores please go to the youngstock/sales page.

pictured above and right: TF No Doubt Elite filly.

Pictured above: TF Beesknees Elite colt

Pictured above L to R: TF All Hallows Eve Elite filly, TF Golden Days Premium filly pictured with assessor Gerd Kuest, Paparazzi Park Shutter Speed Premium colt.

Pictured below: PP Shutter Speed aka Sid.

January 2015

Well I knew it was going to be a busy few months, but I didn't realise just how busy!

7 awesome little babies arrived safe and sound, not without the usual dramas of breeding but I couldn't be happier with all of them. You can find photos and descriptions on my youngstock page. All foals are offered for sale. If you are interested in bloodlines, all my foals can be found on Just search their name.

One of the foals belongs to my daughter and he has not been included on the youngstock page as I think I will have trouble getting her to part with him. He is such a character and so pretty, Shaelyn has named him Paparazzi Park Shutter Speed aka Sid. Sid is by Hilken's Nougat Cream out of Shaelyn's Welsh B mare, Karanah Park Poppy Seed.  Pic right.



September 2014

22 Days to go!!!!!

August 2014

We are getting very excited with the babies due this season, the first one will be Rare Diamond B (imp)/ Black Charming WE (imp) Dee is due on the 2/10/2014 so only  44 days to go!

Expressions of interest are being taken in all of the foals this season, please email Andrea at 

Pictured below; Nemax and TF Creme dela Creme

January 2014

What a busy season we have had! Running mares to and from the Vet clinic for breeding has certainly kept us occupied.

We have had great success and are pleased to announce the following confirmed pregnancies:

100% GRP foals;

Rosewater Driving Miss Daisy (imp)/Golden State (frozen semen) Embryo Transfer due 18/10/2014

Rosewater Driving Miss Daisy (imp)/Black Charming WE (imp) Embryo Transfer due 2/11/2014

Rosewater Driving Miss Daisy (imp)/Black Charming WE (imp) Embryo Transfer due 2/11/2014

Rare Diamond B (imp)/Black Charming WE (imp) due 2/10/2014

Hesselteich's Gwendolin (imp)/Tackmann's Noble Dancer (imp) due 12/12/2014

Part GRP foals;

TF Creme dela Creme/Nemax (frozen semen) 75% GRP due13/10/2014

Karanah Park Poppy Seed/Hilken's Nougat Cream (imp) 50% GRP - owned by Shaelyn Taylor of Paparazzi Park due 28/12/2014


As you can see the 2014 foaling season will be very exciting. If you would like to express your interest in purchasing any of these foals please email Andrea at